The Box of Manners
Discover the Secret Behind Well Mannered Children Are you sometimes embarrassed by the way your children behave in front of guests or when they’re outdoors? Do you feel frustrated because your kids don't always listen to you and do as...
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Quran Pillow
THE QURAN And DUA PILLOW With Lights And Sounds Contains: Quran Surahs Surah Fatiha Ayatul Kursi Amanar Rasuloo (End Of Surah Baqarah) Surah Yaseen Surah Ar Rahman Surah Mulk 3 Quls Arabic Duas: Sleeping Waking Before Doing Anything (Bismillah) For Praising Allah (Alhamdulillah) For Learning More Knowledge For When We Sneeze Before Eating After...
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Kajal Majestic Black 100% Natural Quality Herbal Stick Kohl Eyeliner
Majestic kajal stick with new herbal formula. High Definition Hashmi Kajal Stick is a friendly-flow formula, with a smooth and sleek felt tip to create a more vibrant and dramatic look that madly elaborates your eyes. Long wearing intense black...
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Countdown to Eid MDF Calendar, 8in x 10.5in, 3D Standing
Product Details Count down the days until it's time to feast with the Countdown to Eid Calendar! This solid fiberboard calendar decoration features two number blocks that you rotate to show how many days are left until Eid al-Fitr. It's...
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Travel Prayer Rug with Matching Tasbih
The perfect gift - light, foldable prayer mat & tasbih! Mat folds into a sleek carry case & comes with a matching Tasbih. Available in 6 colors. 
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Chiffon Khimar
Pari Three Layered Diamond Khimar - Crepe Chiffon & Extra Long Type: Extra Long Style: Three Layered Khimar Niqab Strings Fabric: Crepe Chiffon Simple and Classy Breathable Lightweight Fit: Relaxed Fit Care: Machine WashLow Tumble Dry  This beautiful khimar is made of high-quality crepe chiffon that is ideal for both hot and cold weather. Because the khimar is one size, it can be worn by sisters of all sizes. You can opt to wear it...
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